About Waynol

Our History

The Waynol Anti-Narcotics Agency was founded in 2009. Waynol comes from Wayne and Nolene Falconer’s names and the company was started in remembrance and honour of these two fantastic people. Both Wayne and Nolene succumbed to their addictions and passed away just days apart. First Wayne and then Nolene passed on in Room 610 of The Hilton Plaza Hotel in Hillbrow.


Craig & Janet Falconer

Our Program

Our Manor is a place of peace, which is exactly what residents need at this time in their lives. But do not be fooled, we have a zero tolerance for manipulation and refuse to be bargained with on our rules or structure.

Our Programs run concurrently with each other in order to incorporate all disciplines and teachings to get the very best out of each individual on our Program. The physical sports are not compulsory, but are greatly encouraged to build self-esteem, camaraderie and perseverance.

This is “our” Manor, it is home away from home, and here you can find yourself again. Our Lord Jesus Christ is our foundation and it is through him that you may be renewed, your morals, your ethics, your heart…….. Your life.


Some of our select professionals understand the behavior of addiction after triumphing over their own afflictions.


We have registered and professional Social Workers, Counselors and consulting Medical Practioners.


Forming part of a multi-disciplinary team we observe each clients process from the classroom to the sports field.

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