Our Programme

  • Detoxing exploration
  • Hands on 1 on 1 Professional counselling
  • Psychiatric consideration
  • The 12-Step Programme
  • 24-hour Staff assistance and care
  • Medical supervision
  • Educational, therapeutic, sporting clubs & social activities.
  • Daily group therapy sessions
  • Enlightening workshops
  • Hollistic based routine setting including Exercise, Education & Enlightenment
  • Family workshops
  • Re-integration activities

Individualized care

We also focus on treatment for dual-diagnosis clients. Many people who come to WAYNOL ANTI NARCOTICS AGENCY seeking treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction may also struggle with mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders, grief or anxiety. This combination of addiction along with a mental health issue is called a co-occurring disorder and is actually very common, which is why it is crucial to take a holistic approach when treating these disorders.

During this phase, we aim to equip them with the skills and resources they need to establish a firm foundation in recovery and to provide them with the tools to live a more manageable and productive life

Waynol Water & Sports

As a reward on successful completion of the six month programme our clients can move on to the Waynol Water & Sports Programme.

How we regulate our emotions in inter-personal relationships is one of the biggest indicators of sustained rehabilitation and recovery.

We also score the process to provide feedback to the Multi-Disciplinary team to allow valid and objective input into our clients process.

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Frequently asked Questions

Yourself, clothing, bedding, toiletries, a bible if you have one and we will do the rest.

We incorporate a faith based program with christian principles. Further we use psycho-education with qualified social workers to amalgamate the latest evidence based research.

We respect and accommodate all faiths. We do not push our values and beliefs on anyone. At the end of the day, nor did Jesus.

We recommend a six-month program. This is to ensure primary and secondary care with re-integration and a solid exit plan for sustainable recovery is achieved.